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Nonprofit offers up to $1,000 per person for Windward Oahu families in need

Hawaiian Community Assets, in partnership with the Castle Foundation, announced their plan to offer over $100,000 via the Windward Oahu Homeowner Assistance Fund to help Windward Oahu families pay their monthly bills.

The Assistance fund will offer to $1,000 per person (80% area median income and below), with the goal to assist homeowners with back and prospective utilities, car repair/registration fees, cell service, and personal loans to pay off utilities. Funding for the grant is available while it lasts to Windward Oahu residents through the end of 2022.

Those interested in applying for funding can call (808) 784-4531 or email the office.

Financial assistance recipients also receive in a free session of financial counseling, virtually or in-person.

Oahu Windward Homeowner Lending

“As a 501c3 nonprofit, HUD-approved housing counseling agency and community lending institution, Hawaiian Community Assets builds the capacity of low- and moderate-income families to achieve and sustain economic self-sufficiency, with a particular focus on Native Hawaiians, ” HCA shared in a statement. “Following COVID and the aftermath of high prices for everything from groceries to gasoline, many families struggle to make payments on their homes, and would greatly benefit from help to secure financial support.”

Hawaiian Community Assets (HCA) aims to help Hawaii families achieve financial and rental stability and ultimately, homeownership.

HCA and agency Hawaii Community Lending (HCL) consistently partner with other organizations to maximize funds for homebuyers and renters in need of assistance. In addition to the Windward Oahu Homeowner Assistance Fund, current grants available to eligible clients include the Ka Wailele Grant and the Homeowner Assistance Fund.

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