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We offer financial education programs to assist our local people build genuine wealth that can be shared and passed on to future generations. We operate four offices located on four islands in Līhuʻe, Kaua‘i; Hilo, Hawai‘i; Honolulu, O‘ahu; and Wailuku, Maui.

Through our partnerships with Local Initiatives Support Corporation, other public and private funders, and individuals and families, we are able to strengthen our community outreach and create meaningful change.

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HCA presents ongoing opportunities to achieve financial security with FREE classes, training courses, and workshops.

Our Partners

Hawai‘i Community Lending (HCL) is the sister company of Hawaiian Community Assets. HCL is a 501(c)3 nonprofit U.S. Treasury-certified community development financial institution that provides our clients with grants, loans and help with mortgage financing.

Mahalo to Our Sponsoring Partners

What’s New

Our HCA counselors can help you submit your FEMA application and will be there to guide you through all the next steps afterward, including appeals.

📧 mauifoc@hawaiiancommunity.net
📞 808-727-8870
📍Kākoʻo Maui Relief & Aid Services Center in Kahului

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Blossom Feiteira, a co-founder of HCA, reassures us that FEMA cannot take our land. Instead, submitting a FEMA claim actually helps you to secure what is yours.

For guidance on the FEMA application process or if you have any questions, contact the HCA Maui team at 808-727-8870 or MauiFOC@HawaiianCommunity.net. HCA is also located at the Kākoʻo Maui Relief & Aid Services Center in Kahului (daily from 10a-6p).

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Hawaiian Community Assets has joined other non-profit organizations in signing two letters put forth by the National Housing Resource Center. 🏠

📄 The first letter is to support a Mandatory Meeting (with updates for technology advances) with the Servicer for FHA Borrowers who are in Default, if the Servicer does not comply, they may not be able to proceed to Foreclosure.

📄 The second letter proposes to protect consumers impacted by natural and declared disasters by having lenders follow Cares Act provisions or refrain from posting negative information for the consumers impacted.

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Kahua Waiwai emphasizes “A Sense of Place” - our homes are viewed as our foundation (kahua), and upon this foundation is where we build our values (waiwai). Stabilizing this foundation helps to stabilize our ʻohana and communities.  

Our curriculum was developed to support affordable housing, culturally-relevant financial education, and asset building programs to assist Native Hawaiians and locals in Hawaiʻi. Today, the Kahua Waiwai curricula is used to conduct housing and financial literacy workshops, and to deliver training/technical assistance.

Visit hawaiiancommunity.net/kahua-waiwai/ to learn more about the curriculum.

For more information about our services, visit us at hawaiicommunity.net or at our offices in Līhuʻe, Kaua‘i; Hilo, Hawai‘i; Honolulu, O‘ahu and Wailuku, Maui. 

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If you’ve been affected by the Maui fires, don’t wait too long to make a plan for the future. HCA counselors are trained to help identify reliable resources and create a long-term financial plan. Our services and kōkua are FREE, always. 

📧 mauifoc@hawaiiancommunity.net
📞 808-727-8870
📍Kākoʻo Maui Relief & Aid Services Center in Kahului

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Our ‘ohana from Hawaiian Community Assets (HCA) and Hawai‘i Community Lending (HCL) launched a two-phase Maui Response and Recovery Strategy to increase public awareness and access to homeowner insurance, disaster assistance, and grants and loans for recovery and rebuilding.

To our Maui ʻohana, HCA is here to help now and for the long run. Contact our Maui team and we’ll be happy to share how we can kōkua.
📧 mauifoc@hawaiiancommunity.net
📞 808-727-8870
📍Kākoʻo Maui Relief & Aid Services Center in Kahului

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